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Electronics sleep care instrument
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Product: Views:9Electronics sleep care instrument 
Unit price: Negotiable
Delivery date: Since the payment date Days delivery
Valid until: Long-term effective
Last updated: 2017-02-14 19:49

Basic Info.
  • Brand Name: DOMIRE 
  • Place of Origin: Zhejiang  
  • Min.Order: 20 Pack/Packs
  • Means of Transport: Land, Ocean, Air
Supply Capacity
  • Production Capacity: The monthly output 150000
  • Packing:According to your requirements, can be customized packaging box
  • Delivery Date: 40days
Product Features:
According to "Highly-skilled doctor" Hua Tuo's thousand years of experience on acupoint, the product can improve: waist acute sprain, lumbar disc herniation, lumbar myofascitis, lumbar muscle strain, and other low back pain etc.

The features and advantages of Domire Sleep Care Instrument:

Scientificalness with no side effect:
Through the painstaking clinical medicine research, at the same time drawing on many of the essence of Chinese classics while combined with modern medical technology, the cure rate significantly improves, which puts an end to the repeated ups and downs of symptoms.

Safe without toxic: Patients do not need to take an injection or to be in hospital or to avoid certain food. It does not affect the normal work and life of patients. It avoids the damage to body tissue. It is safe reliable without any side effects.

High efficiency and accuracy:
Through targeted therapy, the goal is precise; the whole treatment cycle is a chain. From conditioning the body, eliminate the symptoms to repair the body, cure the disease and the biological efficacy gradually appears with the treatment phase which is comprehensive and throughout.

Hua Tuo,Chinese style name Yuanhua, is from the district of Qiao () in the state of Pei (), (modern Bozhou district in Anhui Province), was an ancient Chinese physician who lived during the late Han Dynasty and Three Kingdoms era of Chinese history. He has comprehensive medical skills and expertises in surgery, he is skillful in surgical operation who is proficient in fields like medicine, Gynecology, paediatrics and acupuncture etc.

<<Three Kingdoms>> and <<History of the Later Han Dynasty>>, it is said that he was good at health ("nourishing one's nature can make one healthy and live longer") accuracy in drug using ( proficient in using medicine and prescript, he only uses several material to make medicine, and he uses drug even without weight when he cures someone, just tells the notice and the patients would be cured after drinking the medicine) Simple and direct acupuncture(There are only one or two acupoint when having acupuncture, tell me when the acupoint is found when acupuncture, and when the patient say "found", the acupuncture will be started and the illness will soon go away) , magical surgery ("laparotomy, cleaning accumulated things and cleaning Intestinal Tract). For his clinical treatment and diagnosis are accurate, the method is simple with rapid effect, Hua Tuo is known as the "Highly-skilled doctor", "Surgical master" "Surgical originator".

There were records in Huang Di Nei Jing, the traditional Chinese medical classics more than 2000 years ago, that "A person's physical condition can be judged through his ears." The ear is a microcosm of the whole body. It is like an inverted fetus. The distributions of acupuncture points on ears manage each organ of human body. This is the typical concept of bio-holographic law, which is that the changes of the acupuncture points on ears can reflect the disease information of the whole body. Modern nervous system anatomy thinks that there are branch distributions from the four pairs of brain nerves which are 5, 7, 9, 10 on ears. 7,9,10 are the nerve whose nerve fibers are the most complex in brain nerves. Clinically proven that the eye area on earlobe is the sensitive point wher the insomnia disease initiates and it is also the main point of treatment. Stimulate the point through low frequency pulse, and then regulate "qi" and blood of the internal organs and clear the blood through meridian conduction in order to make the blood circulation return to normal condition and to make energy can be supplied to eyes and the brain constantly. Improve and cure eyestrain, pain, blurred vision and other symptoms, at the same time, increase the firing rate of the brain neuronal cell nerve so as to make patients be able to fall asleep soon when they go to bed.


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